Sunday, May 24, 2009

Overheard today . . . .

So, it turns out that working three jobs doesn't provide a lot of time to blog as one might hope, but I have one of those jobs to thank for bringing me back to the Colorado hockey bloggosphere . . .

You see, one of my jobs is at a local ice arena, where this morning Joe Sakic (yes, THE Super Joe, Captain Clutch, Burnaby Joe Sakic) was hanging out in our lobby watching his son (I think Mitchell, the eldest) playing at one of our drop in programs. I was working, so I didn't ever get a chance to talk to him myself, unfortunately, but I did overhear him say something interesting to a little whipper-snapper who was encouraging him to play one more year for the Avs.

Now this is off the record AND just what I over heard (granted, from only 3 feet away, at most). The little boy (probably 9 or 10 years old) said "Please come back and play for the Avs one more year." Joe chuckled at this and then said that he wished it was so simple and there were a lot of thing to consider including " . . . . if they want me back."


Sounds to me, as a bystander in this conversation, that Joe's back is doing well (*phew*) and he would like to play professional hockey again, and all that really remains to decide is a contract. He may be waiting for the new Avs "management structure" to decide anything, but the implication I got from that one statement is that he WANTS to come back, but he isn't sure if there will be room for him. Which, to be fair, is a VERY legitimate worry - given that the Avs are likely to take center Matt Duchene in the upcoming draft, and the fact that Stastny will essentially be taking over Sakic's contract next year, leaving little cap space for the Avs to re-sign the perennial leader, Joe. With Stastny, Wolski, Stoa and Hensick, capable centers under contract, throw in Duchene and Guite . . . will there be room for our Super Joe??

At this point, it sounds like even Sakic himself is unsure . . . .

Which begs the question: IF there is no room in the inn for Joe, will he just go ahead and retire, OR would he perhaps consider the possibility of actually ending his career with a different team?

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